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Hulu actress Lunden De’Leon in “Super Turnt”

Instagram @Lundendeleon

Hulu actress Lunden De’Leon has join the cast of film “Super Turnt” which is the sequel to the hit amazon prime urban drama “Turnt”. Filmed in Atlanta, “Super Turnt” is a coming of age film centered around rapper Rilla (Jamal Woolard) who is released from prison and finds his immediate world has changed but the streets’ dangers remain the same. After realizing that his common-law wife is not in love with him anymore, his only mission is to be a father to his son. Rilla knows that signing with the record label Turnt will put him back on top and in the position to take care of his family. “Super Turnt” is directed by Mann Robinson (BET’s ‘Troubled Waters’) and also stars Harry Lennix (The Five Heartbeats), Jamal Woolard (Notorious), E. Roger Mitchell (The Walking Dead), Duane Finley (The Wood) and Rapper Scarface. Scheduled to release in 2021.

Lunden De’Leon is best known for her powerful role as Mamie Till in the film “Justice on Trial”, Lunden De’Leon has starred in over 50 movies and television shows including Hulu’s “12 Dog Days Till Christmas”, Sweet Home Carolina”, “Vital Signs”, “The Lake House” and Netflix’s “Blackbear” to name a few.


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