The owner and creator of PiNK GanG Fashion Blog is an Artistic butterfly. Maranda Morgan has always had a passion for the arts. She’s always been known as a fashion killer as well!  Maranda Morgan was born in Georgia April 6, 1987. She has lived in different states and cities throughout her years. She graduated from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University with a degree in Graphic Communication Systems and a concentration in Printing and Publishing. Throughout her years of school, she has taken fashion merchandising classes and photography classes. When she graduated from college, she began to pursue her career as a photographer. She has been practicing photography for four years now. She began to lean more towards fashion photo shoots in the first year of her photography career and has been dedicated to that ever since. In 2013 Maranda Morgan moved to Charlotte, North Carolina to expand her photography career and this is where she founded her Fashion Blog PiNk GanG January 31st 2014. Maranda Morgan dedicates herself to helping inspiring models by casting them for her different full photo shoots for her fashion blog post. With this she began teaching and training inspiring models for the modeling world. Maranda Morgan is a very dedicated and hard working woman and is excited for her future in the industry.