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CMA's Interviews


Carolina Music Awards

R&B Male Winner!

What's new with you? I am currently gearing up to release two songs from my next project and shoot visuals for those creative pieces. I have a performance in Lebauer Park next weekend in downtown Greensboro and I'm headlining an event called the Bloc Awards at NC A&T SU this Friday coming. Ohh nicee! Aggie Pride!


What is your favorite song to perform during your shows? My favorite song to perform live is “Holy Grail”. I love the choreography by my Choreographer Colby Evans and the song starts off my shows perfectly. The song is fun and energetic.

With everything going on in the world right now I want to tap into the subject of positivity. What would you say is your definition of love? And what feeds your soul?

I really don’t wanna place a definition on “love” because of its nature. It’s a feeling that can uplift in your darkest of days and in the same breath cause you pain leading to your demise. Music feeds my soul. It’s what ultimately makes me happy.

IG @jerroddazaad



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