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CMA's Interviews

Playboy Poppy

Firstly I would like to say congratulations on the nominee Best New Artist! Thanks I appreciate it.

So you will be releasing "Diary of a Playboy 2" soon! When are you dropping it?

( DOAB2 dropping in 3 days, you the only one that knows about this) Dope thanks for the exclusive.

What was the inspiration behind it?

It’s basically all my thoughts or things I would write down if I had an Journal/Diary. So I named it “Diary of a Playboy” . Okay, okay cant wait to hear it.

When you are performing live what is your favorite song to perform?

I’ll be performing again Aug 24 at the TasteMakers Festival in Greensboro, my favorite song would probably have to be "Bussdown")

So your song "Awards" featuring Lil Baby.. What can we expect (fast pace, hardcore, inspirational etc) How did this feature come about?

"Award"s is more of inspirational song, if you coming from where I come from you’ll get it. Lol but Can’t let you in on too much, I’ll tell you off the air.


Make sure you all check out Playboy Poppy in PINK GANG Magazine summer issue which will be releasing this week!


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