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Gwap Talk

Hey lovies I had the pleasure of attending hip hop artist

Young Fool listening party in Atlanta, Georgia last night at Patchwerk Studios. Lets just say that listening party was "Lit" hahaha. It was very well organized and everyone was very friendly and welcoming.

Now to the good stuff "Gwap Talk"

"Gwap Talk" was produced by none other than the talented Zaytoven. Their collaboration was definitely a power move for Young Fool. "Gwap Talk" gives you that raw head bounce vibe. It describes how he feels and that money is on his mind and to just be true to himself. I think a lot of us can relate to that right?! As stated before I had a good time at his listening party and would definitely rock to his music.

Below are PiNk GanG's Top 5

1. Intro "For The Streets"

2. Right Now

3. Its Nothing

4. Dead People

5. Gwap Talk

You can download his music at and Apple Music

Direct Link

Instagram @youngfool6300


Selfies from the event bellow.

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