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Say Hello to MJ Morgan

MJ Morgan is as diverse in his music as his international roots. Springfield, Massachusetts is the birthplace of this talented producer but his musical journey began while living in his Brooklyn, New York family home. Michael "MJ" Morgan would soon go on to spend his high school years in Jamaica and later return to Brooklyn. By age 16 Michael was producing tracks for his siblings in Bushwick, NY when he realized his true musical genius. Soon after returning to the states, MJ Morgan joined Morgan Heritage on their World Tour, performing in places such as North and South America, London, Germany, Amsterdam, the Caribbean, etc. His international exposure has lead to a diverse array of musical capacity and contributes to his production of genres from Hip Hop, to Reggae, Pop, R&B, and so on. To MJ Morgan, music is much more than a career. To him music is the heartbeat of life.

His HOT New Mix Tape "All Eyes On Me" debut today! Go download it now.

Super dope Mixtape. I personally play my copy everyday!

PiNk GanGs Top Favorites

1. All Eyes On Me

2. Stand For

3. Neva Know Carnival

4. Pillow Talk Ft. Lotus Fiyah

5. My Girl


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