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10 Questions with Dj Slik

Where did your stage name originate from?

Well, when I was in high school, I planned a private skip day at the beach " I'm from the islands and we all went and when we got back, everyone got into trouble but me, because I avoided detection when climbing back over the fence to get back into the school. A friend of mine, named Yasmin, named me "Slik" and change the spelling to add uniqueness. Then years later, I became known for being the guy with the latest south music ( Lil Jon, Scrappy, T.I., Jeezy etc). When this genre of music started to pop off a few people in the hood would call me "Krunkmaster" so the entire name is "Krunkmaster Dj Slik".

What was your first record you purchased?

KRS One - Black Cop

What is one track that never gets old to you no matter how many times you listen to it?

Steady Mobbin by Lil Wayne because he made songs that was just hooks only.

How long have you been with Shadyville Dj's and tell me about this team of DJ's.

I'v been with them since 2009 and we are a global DJ crew founded by 50 cent, Eminem and Dj Whoo Kid. We are known for breaking records and being the BDS Kings or basically the largest DJ team on radio.

What are your music predictions for 2016? What artist or artists do you think will take over the hip hop scene in 2016?

Taking over the scene is always a hard prediction. Since it's a monumental feat, but I do know who is going to make some definite major debuts.

01. R.City as predicted are multi platinum selling artists we have consigned since the start.

02. Prya an artist I've been working with for some time and has a hit single In the Caribbean.

03. Fetty Wap will continue his reign on radio spins as he did this year.

04. O.T. Genasis got a new smash "Cut It" and his entire team is thorough so I'm sure he will be making major waves.

05. Phresh Ali definitely has some heat coming too...

06. Key is also up next too.

But the best way to know who's up next is to come to the Department Store at 467 Edgewood Ave Atlanta Ga on Friday night where Atlanta music is heard and where they come to break a song.

What advice would you give to up and coming DJ's?

Do not stop. Don't do it for the girls and the fame. The money is important but it isn't the goal. Do it for the pure love of the game. If you do people will recognize that more than anything else. Respect the people in the game with you and listen to upcoming artists. Break records don't be a playlist Dj and study the sport. There is no room for failure; if you step on stage unsure with little to no practice, we will eat you alive, eat your food and make you do the dishes! (Insert more mixtape trash talking).

So you are on tour right? Tell me where are some places that you have been so far for this tour? Who was the livest and why?

Currently, the tour has ended and I'm residing in the city to work on projects until the spring time. U.S. Virgin Islands is always the livest since it's my hometown and we get the most love from there. I love my island and they show it back every time I go home to do a party.

Now with the name Krunkmaster, I already know you have the crowd turned all the way up. What's one of your livest sets in 2015?

Livest parties for 2015 was Dominican Republic for the Rickey Smiley Caribbean Getaway. He had a 90's party that was unforgettable. Me and Jahlion had the people singing along to all their childhood favorites and I think it was great since they got a chance to come out of the country to party and get away from their normal routines in the mainland. So a lot of people let loose at the party, sang, drank and danced until it was over.

What are some of your upcoming and events in Atlanta?

Laza Morgan Concert on December 19

Friday's I'm in "Department Store"

Saturday's & Sunday's, I'm in Royal Peacock

December 20th we are havinga mixtape realse party for the Shadyville Dj's new mixtape "Takeover".

Last but not lease, what inspires your fashion style?

Lol I'm from the Virgin Islands so I dress like an island boy mostly, but I'm really interested in supporting my local fashion designers and tee shirt companies. So, I wear their clothes the most.






Just to name a few

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