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Feature StoryDaDon

Born May 17, 1985, age 29 Carenthius Donta Payne also known as StorydaDon, is a musician that has been performing and writing his own lyrics since the young age of 12. He first took interest in dance because of the wave in the young Atlanta hip hop culture in the early 90's. He is the oldest of all his siblings.

He was raised by a young single mother of five in a small city called Griffin, Ga in south Atlanta

. Music became such a necessity because early in life he knew how music soothes the soul. Things were rough growing up in Spalding Heights (SugaHill) projects being his mom worked 2 jobs and him being oldest. He kept a small notebook which started out as heart felt poetry and progressed into lyrics. He recorded his first song over a cassette tape player.W hen he played it back he says he knew he was in love with hip hop. Storydadon has also been a finalist for the X-Factor. He won new face model in 2010 for Charlotte. Hosted at the WGIV 103.3 radio station. Has musical experience such as finalist for coast2coastlive, performance in SMASH studios in Manhattan , NY. and video done by Aftermath Affiliates. His musical influences are Tupac shakur, T.I., Andre 3000, Wayne, Jay-z, Biggie. His spiritual influences are his mother Serena Favors and God. He wants to bring back that feel good about letting go music, all while lyrically taking you on a journey. Storydadon is a father to his kids, great mentor to the youth, and a active guy in the community because he was one of those kids with no father and no direction. He often hung around friends with fathers to see what discipline and guidance felt like. Also pushing him towards sports which he later earned a football scholarship to Mars Hill College. During college he began to take his craft serious as he noticed his freestyle had grown more character and personality. He then began to record music to be heard nation wide to pursue the dream of a life time, Light's Camera's and Stages.

"Nothing matters but a Quality show when the lights are up and the people are anticipating the thrill of great music", says StorydaDon


Credit: Photographer Maranda Morgan

Artist: StoryDaDon

Models: Briosha Dawkins, Sessily

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