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5 Questions with Podcast Sneaker G’s

Hello Sneaker G’s ,

I’m Justace , Fashion Editor Intern of PINK GANG MAGAZINE 

Thank you for your time and catching up with us for a brief interview during this Pandemic. I know things have been out of the norm and I’m sure you all have a busy schedule. So with that being said let’s jump into this interview

1. Can you explain what Sneaker G’s is and what is your movement about

(Greg) Sneaker G’s begins with a conversation about sneakers and then moves in different directions. We have multiple interests but share a common ground through sneakers. The goal of Sneaker G’s live podcast is to shine a light on our guests love for sneakers as well as their goals, careers and/or interests.  We have had guests from mental health experts, a couple who are both teachers and social activists to a former correctional officer that spent time behind bars to now be a published author.

2. What led you to the decision you wanted to make live videos?

(Greg) The initial idea of Sneaker G’s begun around 5 years ago and was originally going to a combination of MTV’s Room Raiders and Complex’s Sneaker Shopping.  We were going to interview guests at their homes and discuss their collection and love for sneakers, but due to the multiple circumstances our dream did not come to fruition. But during the pandemic I approached Gerry about doing an IG live version of sneaker G’s while the world has shut down and everyone is home because of the pandemic. The platform and the idea is growing with every live we have done so far.

3. Where do you see your brand in the next 5 years? (Gerry) In all honesty we are more fixed on the here and now. Getting the brand off the ground and enjoying that process.  Applying everything we have learned to push Sneaker G’s and believe we have a great deal of potential.  We believe in the value of each conversation and believe it will help many people in their own lives. Sneaker G’s is more than a brand, it’s a way of life.  

4. Which shoe has better quality Jordan’s or Lebron’s? (Gerry) The Jordan Brand (JB) has an eighteen (18) sneaker design head start over the Lebron Nike line. This works for and against the JB because many believe the first 18 sneakers was the best in appearance and design.  BUT the technology put in the shoes are not even close to the technology of the Lebron line.  That makes this question a hard one to answer because its different generations.  But in my biased opinion my answer is the Jordan Brand.  

5. What’s your favorite sneaker? (Gerry) My favorite sneaker of all time is the Carmine Jordan 6.  I was born in 91, same year the Jordan 6 was released and the year of Jordan’s first championship.  The sneaker holds a ton of sentimental value to me.

(Greg) My favorite sneakers of all time are two.  I love the Cement Jordan 3 because of the look and design of the sneaker as well as the dope commercials with the legendary director, Spike Lee.  The other is the Neon Air Max 95 because of the aesthetics and they make you look taller.  And back in high school all the pretty girls wore them.

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Interview by our fashion editor intern Justace follow @sheisdevine




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