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Say Hello to Designer

Tonique Renee



The young talented designer created her brand “Watch-Out” on November 14, 2014. All of her merchandise is designed by herself. She previously advertised some of my products on her other brand (BeautySignature). She decided to move all of my merchandise to a name that is less feminate because alot of males are attracted to some of her jewelry. Watch-Out is an online brand that sells jewelry and apparel while targeting Women, Men and kids. Watch-Out is all about embracing not just your fashion or style, but yourself as a person. ” You can wear anything you want to wear but it’s all in how you wear it. ” It doesn't matter who you are, straight, gay, bi, plus size WatchOut is for everybody. Her brand is far from basic! Everything that she designs you can't get from other brands. You can only get her products from .

What inspired you to design?

She was inspired to create a brand for people like herself, people who are not afraid of stepping outside the box. You have to be confident in any and everything that you do. So she decided to be the “voice” to people who want to be different. When she was in high school people would talk about her and what she had on. Tonique did not let that STOP her. It made her STRONGER.

"I can’t really say I have certain designers I look up to but the people that inspire me in fashion is “everyday people”, my family members and a few musical artists; artists such as Aaliyah, Tupac, Sharaya J, Missy Elliot, Tokyo Diiva, Scotty Rebel, Lil Kim and the list goes on. My first piece I created for Watch-Out was the Nintendo (Gamer Necklace) which is from my “Gamer Collection”. My brother Robert Jr. inspired me to create this necklace because he would spend hours as a teenager standing in front of the tv all day playing the game. He's still a gamer today! He has had just about every game system there is!"

How did you come up with the name Watch-Out?

I was looking up words on the computer synonyms to be exact and the word “watch” just kept coming back to me. The meaning is to look or observe you for a period of time. And I thought, well my designs will definitely draw peoples attention. Well let’s just say the name is self-explanatory!


Photographer: Maranda Morgan

Model: Jacinta Parris